HD Digital Signage and Content Development

The Future is Here and Z-POP is Making it Happen!

Introducing our High Definition 1080i and 4K Digital Signage System that smoothly streams High Definition videos over any HD TV. The Z-POP Digital Signage System requires no setup. The system simply boots and begins looping videos or photo slide shows as soon as power is supplied. Operation, accessibility and file management features interchangeable USB drive data storage along with WiFi, ethernet and VPN access. Remote operation is available via internet browser.

This high performance, low-cost and easy to install system is perfectly suited for grocery stores, restaurants, bars, fast food and other retail outlets that want the best economic digital display solution while maximizing available advertising space. Replace printed posters and signs with digital signage and instantly multiply your level of advertisement.

High Definition Video Content Development

Not only have we developed an excellent HD Digital Signage System, but we're constantly designing and improving vivid and dynamic HD digital signage content that draws the eyes of customers like never before and can, literally, turn heads 90 degrees. As a provider for fastfood restaurants, we specialize in the art of food stylizing, applying advanced techniques to bring to life the vivid colors and beauty in all of your food items. By working closely with owners and managers, along with customer feedback, We've proven what original and creative video design can do for increased sales.

The Z-POP Digital Signage System implementation is fast, easy and low cost. Video menus and video POP will provide you the economic flexibility for fast and easy content and price updates.

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